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Sportstoto is a new style of leisure game where customers analyze the sports games through interest and participation

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Welcome to the World of Sportstoto and enjoy watching dynamic sports game
It is already popular in Uk, Italy and other places like in European countries where tens of millions of sports fans are participating in similar games such as Football pools, Totocalcio and La Quiniela every week. In Asia, it is actively being implemented in Korea, China, Japan and Singapore.
Sportstoto started in October 2001 in Korea. Players analyzes the game and places the bet and receive a payout for their accurate prediction of results of soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf and etc.

Skill games that actively participate in sports game

Unlike the lotteries which are entirely dependent on luck, Toto is a skill game in which participants analyze and predict the outcome of the game in detail. Participants will not only stay in their favorite sporting events, but will actively participate in the game and ultimately contribute to domestic sports development and fund raising.


Category of sports betting

TOTOTotalizator or Pari-mutuel Game
Pari-mutuel game is a betting system in which all bets of a paticular game are placed together in a pool, and the winner who picks correct results gets a pre-determined proportion of the pool as prize payout. Prize payout is calculated by sharing the pool among all winning bets.
Toto is issued for 6 sports events and its playing rules are different according to sports types.
PROTOFixed Odds Game
Fixed odds game is a betting system in which the operator offer the odds for each outcomes in advance, and the customers can place a bet by selecting the outcomes with pre-determined odds. Prize payout is calculated by multiplying the odds of the selected outcomes.


Soccer Toto
Soccer TOTO
Win/Draw/Loss Game Predict 14 match’s Win-Draw-Lose
Special Game Predict 2 or 3 match’s correct scores
Match Game Predict 1 match’s half & final scores
Baseball Toto
Baseball Toto
Win/1/Loss Game Predict 14 match’s Win- +-1(score margin) - Lose
Special Game Predict 2 or 3 match’s correct scores
Match Predict 1 match’s final scores and homerun 0X of each team
Basketball Toto
Basketball Toto
Win/5/Loss Game Predict 14 match’s Win- +-5(score margin) - Lose
Special, Special N Game Predict 2 or 3 match’s correct scores
Match(male), W-Match(female) Predict 1 match’s half & final scores
Volleyball Toto
Special Game Predict 2 or 3 match’s final set-score and score margin of 1st set
Match Game Predict winner and score margin of each set
Special Game Predict 5 or 7 player’s 1st round score
combination of Sports
종목combination of Sports
TOTO OX predict 2~3 match's correct answers (O or X) of 10~15 events
TOTO UO Predict all 5 or 7 matches whether home and away team's score comparing to a score line is under(U) or over(O)
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PROTO Long list
PROTO Long list
Game instructions Select the outcomes from the list of matches like win/draw/loss or win/draw/loss with handicap or under/over of total score (only available win/loss for basketball, baseball and volleyball)
winning is recognized when results of all selected matches are predicted correctly.
PROTO Winner list
PROTO Winner list
Game instructions Predict various game records of a certain match
Provides a variety of game types including correct score, winning margin and competition winner, etc.