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Welcome and Thank you for visiting the Ktoto website.
I am Jun Chul Son, Chief Executive Officer of Ktoto.

Jun Chul Son
Ktoto has been leading the leisure culture and national sports promotion as an only licensed sports betting operator since June 2015
The majority of the profit from the sports betting business is created as a National Sports Promotion Fund, and it is used as a valuable resource for the whole of the Korean sports field, as well as the expansion of domestic sports infrastructure, professional sport, youth sports, and grassroots sports.
With your love and encouragement, Ktoto has been awarded Level4 Certification of the World Lottery Association(WLA) Responsible Gaming Framework (RGF) on the 2nd year of its business in June 2017 and through this, we have established an opportunity to be recognized as a world class sports lottery operator.
Ktoto believes that all of this is the result of dedication and effort of sound sports fans of Korea who love sports. I would like to express my gratitude once again on the behalf of all the employees of Ktoto.
Through the transparent and excellent business operation performed internally and enhancing the national status and prestige externally by the advanced system, Ktoto promises to be an exemplary company that can contribute to the development of the Korean Sports industry.
I would like to ask sports fans for your constant love and interest for Ktoto to continue grow and help support the development of sports in Korea.
Ktoto Co.,Ltd. CEO Jun Chul Son